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Replica mock Tudor boards



A perfect blend of traditional styling and modern technology. Our replica oak planks have been specifically developed for timber and replacement on Mock Tudor homes.

Each plank is a high-quality handmade reproduction of an actual oak wooden plank. Unique ridge and wood grain surface details are perfectly reproduced in every piece, the result is so convincing they look just like the real thing. Even up close it’s hard to tell our Cellular Resin Polyurethane planks are not real wood.


Available in three finishes – Black, Rose Wood and Golden Oak – these board offer a time touch to the exterior of your home which doesn’t require any painting or maintenance.

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We cover the whole of the UK and are one of the first companies to supply and fit this amazing new product.

The installation process

Our replica mock Tudor boards are manufactured to the highest standards. They are exact replicas of solid oak planks complete with knot and grain variations. So if the original oak plank used to cast the mold  has a woodworm hole then so will the new replica plank, they are that realistic.

photo 2

Unlike other companies we remove all of your existing wooden Tudor boards with care and consideration ensuring all original fixings are ground flush to the brick work.

photo 1

We then recreate the original design using 12-25mm OSB boards which are bonded to the brick and screwed using 75mm screws.  This gives a secure, flat and uniformly level base which is slightly proud of you original old rendering.

photo 2

The cream or white double skinned composite aluminium render boards are then cut to size, and bonded and screwed to the new OSB base boards.  All cut edges are sealed using clear sealants and concealed behind the new Tudor boards.

photo 3

Each of the new replica mock Tudor boards are hand picked to give the best grain pattern for each part of the installation. Every board is hand cut to size ensuring the best possible fit. Each board is then bonded and screwed to the render boards using 80-120mm fixings. Great care is taken to get uniform spacing and and pattern for all main fixings.

photo 4

Mock Tudor pegs are used to conceal all fixings and to give that real old fashioned Tudor board look.  All edges are sealed using clear or coloured sealants.

The end result is a beautiful maintenance free addition to your home which is not only functional it actually looks more like wood than your original Tudor boards.

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photo 1


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photo 4


photo 1


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photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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photo 2(1) photo 4(1) photo 5(1) photo 3(1)

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